Our Conference Technologies

Integration from conference technologies is a model of success in the world of business. It is not a instrument for digitised, but it is a tool for efficiency, effective and manageable in a seamless way.

Conference Web & App

Keep updating the conference information to delegates is very important in the information circulation.  The tools is not only provide information to delegate but also gather comments and surveys as data for development.  Our IT team can provide content and flow suggestions to make the web & app in a user friendly standard.

Online Registration & Ticketing

An effective registration system can provide live information to the organiser for planning. It can connect with different pay system for conference ticketing that minimise the manpower in an efficiency way. Our data management team has many experience on managing large & complex data.

Feature Video & Animation Production

VIdeos and Animations are a dynamic way to present content, information, effects or even opening of ceremony.  Our visual creative team can provide value added service on it to make the conference/ceremony in a different way.

Audience Interactives

Delegate interaction is a very important element in a conference or ceremony.  Apart from people-to-people interaction, there are many new facilities or technologies to increase the interaction between delegates and delegates or speaker.  Eventist conference team are always kept providing suggestions on this part, which eventually target to increase the effectiveness of the whole clonference.

e-Abstract & e-Survey Management

Abstract management is very important in different academic & scientific conference in order to accepting and preparing abstracts for presentation at the conference.

Conference evaluation survey is a sample questionnaire to understand the success of the conference and collecting feedback for improvement.

360 Visual Technology

360 technology is more and more common in commercial level. The technology of 360 Photo/Videos are applied in many different industries from simply recording to interactive actions.  Eventist has a team of specialists that focus on visual applications, like 360 technology in conference and meeting activities.

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